Weed Cannabis Pattern Crocs For X-mas

Weed Cannabis Pattern Crocs For X-mas

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Size Guide

Please choose the Store size according to your foot length, not shoe length, Size Chart can help you solve 90% of the size choosing problem.

If you don’t clear on how to choose, please feel free to contact us. It would be better you note foot length in the order.

If your feet are thick and wide, you can choose one size bigger;

If your feet are narrow and thin, you can choose one size smaller.

Shipping time: 07-14 business days. (Free shipping)

*Please notice that you will get a FREE SHIPPING cost for this type of product.

US Size UK Size EU Sizes Korea Size Length of Crocs
W4/M2 W2/M1 34-35 210 216 mm
W5/M3 W3/M2 35-36 220 224 mm
W6/M4 W4/M3 36-37 230 23.3 cm
W7/M5 W5/M4 37-38 240 24.0cm
W8/M6 W6/M5 38-39 250 25.0cm
W9/M7 W7/M6 39-40 260 25.8cm
W10/M8 W8/M7 41-42 265 26.8cm
W11/M9 W9/M8 42-43 270 27.6cm
W12/M10 W10/M9 43-44 280 28.4cm
W13/M11 W11/M10 45-46 290 30cm
W14/M12 W12/M11 46-47 300 30cm