Jet Black Reusable SUPER-SOFT Air mesh Fabric Face Mask (SOLD OUT)
Jet Black Reusable SUPER-SOFT Air mesh Fabric Face Mask (SOLD OUT)

Jet Black Reusable SUPER-SOFT Air mesh Fabric Face Mask (SOLD OUT)

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Jet Black SUPER-SOFT Air Mesh Fabric Face Mask for more airflow and fewer glasses fogging. This lightweight mask combines breathability and protection into one reusable design. They’re designed with 3 layers of fabric—including 2 layers of cotton and a polyester air mesh exterior—that not only keeps virus droplets from escaping but prevents you from overheating.

- The outer layer is the water-repellent AIR MESH fabric: This prevents water droplets, fluids as well as dust and other coarse particles from being absorbed into the mask from outside. 
-It’s made with 2 inner-layers of 100% cotton material sewn into a form-fitting mask, skin-friendly.

- The unique nose-fit design provides maximum protection and acts as an anti-fog feature for glasses. In order to help prevent fogging pull the nose guard as high as possible on your nose so the lower rim of your glasses rests on it. (Reduce the fogging-up to the lowest level)

Washable & Reusable – Filtering ability unaffected by washing. Can be hand washed or machine washed up to 30 times

- Extremely soft stretchable ear loops, high elastic band, fits more comfortably without pain.

- 3D Contoured design provides space between you and the mask to reduce condensation, making it more comfortable and effective for long periods of wear.

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Ingredients: Cotton layer, Cot/Poly layer

How to use: Wear masks as recommended, cover your nose mouth and chin, avoid touching and adjusting masks with unclean hands except the straps. It is recommended to clean the mask carefully after each outing, up to 8h. Ideally, this should be done using disposable or advisable to wash your hands properly before and after cleaning the mask. Wash with soap after each use. Dry in the sun. Can be washed 30 times. After that, you can still use it as a normal cloth mask.

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