Purple Butterfly - Stretch-To-Fit 3D Mask

Purple Butterfly - Stretch-To-Fit 3D Mask

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Size Guide

Product Information

  • The Stretch-to-Fit 3D Mask has 3 layers and a pocket to replace the PM filter 2.5. There are two sizes that fit US Kids and Adults:
    • Kids: 6.3-inch x 4.5-inch (16 cm x 11.5 cm).
    • Adult: 7-inch x 5.1-inch (17.8 cm x 13 cm).
    The two side strap is elastic to ensure they are suitable for all sizes.

    (*) NOTE: There is not included the PM 2.5 filter that comes along with the mask. If you want to buy the filter, please click here. 

Production & Shipping Info

  • Made in Vietnam.
  • Estimated Processing time: 2-6 business days.
  • Estimated shipping time in US: 5-7 business days.